Innovative Ideas shaped for business and social betterment

One Mandate Group publishes books and multimedia campaigns devoted to major themes within a single country and projects which seeks to extend knowledge worldwide on a specific country.

We provide consulting services to large companies and governments – on innovation and on marketing and communications.


Our company motto is ‘Innovative Ideas Shaped for Business and Social Betterment’. Innovation is not a new word for us – we have been publishing on the subject since the early 80s, long before the term entered common business parlance.


Our biggest current project is ‘Boundless Plains to Share’, a book and campaign exploring Australia’s agricultural potential.


Our social commitment guides us to what is most important for Australia, and for the world. Our outlook and choice of projects has become ever more philanthropic, thus: “Business and Social Betterment.” Our Ethiopian project (in development for 2016) described within the “Boundless Plains to Share ” Information Memorandum exemplifies this.


Innovative ideas shaped for business and social


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Innovative Ideas shaped for business and social betterment


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