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The history of One Mandate Group (OMG) began in Australia in 1982, when International Media Representatives was founded. OMG today incorporates the experience and IP of companies founded and owned by present day management – in media representation, magazine and book publishing, television, contract and special project publishing, marketing, web, digital and software operations, events and conferences.


• 1982 – present . International Media Representatives, Pty Ltd. Over 70 international publications represented including the New York Times, Forbes, the Economist, South China Morning Post, etc.

• 1984-1985. Created with Euromoney Magazine, the two largest ever international Banking Conferences held in Australia, with more than 500 very senior delegates from over 35 countries, in Sydney and Melbourne respectively. This coincided with the float of the Australian dollar and banking deregulation guided by the Hawke–Keating government.

• 1988-1990. The Australian Adventure – a new approach to travel publishing and best selling series, sold to ACP. 500 page annual books.

• 1989-1994. Doctor’s Television Network – founded the country’s first narrowcast national TV network, produced monthly three hour video magazine at Channel 10 studios. Sold to MEG, listed company in Melbourne.

• 1991. Created the Australian Business and Investment Guide (ABIG) in a joint venture with Longman’s International, London. Became the ‘Bible’ for doing business in Australia.

• 1991. As consultants, launched Australia TV, ABC’s first broadcast effort across the Asian market, active and successful today.

• 1992-1993. Created The Australian Enterprise Review – a special targeted Asian publication from  and about our country during a period of recessionary gloom and an inferiority complex regarding SE Asian ‘Tigers’. The book amplified Australia’s achievements and made the point that our economy was larger than all of the Tigers combined. Designed as a two edition project. 250,000 senior readers across Asia.

• 1994-2001. Internet Reach Group Pty Ltd. Founded one of  the first Australian based Internet firms, built websites and offered consulting to Toshiba, Rice Growers, Commonwealth Bank, and dozens of others, including IBM backed Institute of Banking.

• 1996- 2001. Spun off Velocity Systems from IRG as world’s first on-line Money Market and Foreign Exchange (FX) trading system, a method hotly disputed at the time by leading Banks, yet universally accepted and used today.  Clients included Westpac, CitiBank and  Deutsche Bank. Extensive liaison in development with IBM, USA and Australia. IRG and Velocity sold, 2001 to listed companies.

• 2002-2012. Founded ETN Communications Pty Ltd., print and digital publishing house which offered custom publishing and consulting as well as its own quality books and associated campaigns. See our Publications pages on this web site for details.

• 2005-2012. Launched and published FAST THINKING, initially a JV with the Australian Industry Group (AIG), a quality quarterly magazine devoted to innovation. Won Bell award for ‘Best New Magazine’ in its first year of publication, and subsequent awards for graphic design. Maintained major, content rich website with over 50 distinguished regular bloggers from business and academia. Sold in 25 countries, including the USA through Barnes and Noble. Widely read and praised by corporations, SMEs, NGOs, and government leaders.

• 2008. Created FAST THINKING National Innovation Awards, a major dinner for 250 event at the Power House Museum, wherein a six month evaluation of companies led to 12 category awards. Sponsored by Open Universities, Toshiba, GE Energy and other fine companies.

• 2010. Worked closely with the private sector and federal and state governments on major projects. Performed contract publishing for NAB, for whom we created ‘Private Word’ magazine for 25,000 high net worth NAB private bank clients.

• 2014. Launched One Mandate Group Pty Ltd. Projects including: ‘Boundless Plains to Share, Fulfilling Australia’s Agricultural Potential’, a major book and multimedia campaign. The Australian Farmer "described as a knowledge tool,  a growing resource  dedicated to the Farmer and his or her “ Access to Science, Technology , Innovation , Productivity and Profitability. See publications

The collective knowledge and wisdom of this long history combine to inform the present day activities of One Mandate Group.

Innovative Ideas shaped for business and social betterment


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