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One Mandate Group is unique, to our knowledge, in the way we amalgamate and leverage various skills, methods and approaches into a single campaign, typically based upon a high quality books and multimedia campaigns. We follow this model with pride, and continue to learn and expand it through innovation:

• Pick a worthy – often ignored or misunderstood – topic of great importance

• Research extensively to understand the facts, issues, and the reader

• Aspire to create the finest book ever published on the subject

• Edit for long life and give the reader reasons to return to the book

• Research ideal target audiences with extensive collaboration

• Go far, far beyond what retail sales can accomplish

• Apply innovative methods of audience delivery cost efficiently

• Network extensively with appropriate alliance partners

• Clinically measure audience size and impact

• Effectively create a brand value and ongoing campaign of long life

• Benefit all parties involved and the country of origin

• Always look for new and better ways

We bring together a wide variety of disciplines and organise them specifically for a particular project. Most of our staff have run successful businesses on their own. There is no better criterion for outstanding management and team leadership individuals than this. Our people are accomplished professionals.

Each book/campaign is performed in a collaborative manner with our sponsors and distinguished Editorial Advisory Boards. However, OMG remains utterly independent as a quality publisher, with a primary aim of producing the most useful and long lasting editorial, data and information available. Our productions are editorial and ideas driven. Experience shows that this approach leads to optimal impact for sponsors and commercial success for our company. The reader is foremost.


Our current project ‘Boundless Plains to Share - Fulfilling Australia’s Agricultural Potential’ stands as a prime example, itself an evolution of previous successful efforts in sustainability and science publishing and promotion, amongst others in urban planning, sport, and Infrastructure,

From a campaign perspective ‘Boundless Plains to Share’ is based on the most comprehensive and detailed distribution and promotion structure yet devised by our company—its social media program will add a dynamic dimension in which sponsors can take part with minimal effort.

‘Boundless Plains to Share’ is designed as the largest campaign on the agricultural industries ever conducted on and from Australia to the world.  This is based on depth of knowledge, size of book, and especially audience size –conservative estimate 1.5 million over three years.

In 2016, 10% of net receipts from ‘Boundless Plains Plain to Share’ will be donated by OMG  to our Ethiopian project, which is under research presently following a two month on the ground formation and research tour of the country, in early 2014. The Australian tie-in takes the form of a plaque presented to the Prime Minister or other senior government official on behalf of the Australian agricultural community of sponsors involved with ‘Boundless Plains to Share’, as their contribution to a campaign not dissimilar in general structure. The subject however will be inward investment. This is based on our conviction that Ethiopia needs job creating investment as much or more than charity/

Following 17 years of stable, free market oriented and democratic government Ethiopia represents good opportunity for prudent, intelligent investment. The Chinese are well aware of this, and active within the country. Other investment communities need knowledge and insight to attract their attention. That essentially is the mission of this project. As agriculture, forestry, food manufacturing and related light manufacturing exist in Ethiopia, there is a natural connection between our agricultural community and Ethiopia. Note that far sighted companies such as Cargill’s have recently established in Africa. Over the next 10-20 years many predict a very positive growth climate in some of the continent’s 54 countries .

2017. Discussions are underway with senior Chinese officials about a book and campaign devoted to the current and future state of China’s scientific research, technology and Innovative environment, which is abundant but little understood. The world wants to know more on this subject. The working draft calls for a review of top scientists and leading edge research, including the handful of Nobel Prize Laureates, areas of strength in research such as medicine, chemistry and physics, the educational and research system, and much more.





Innovative Ideas shaped for business and social betterment


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